Support for every step of the memory care journey

Early signs and symptoms

You start to notice that your loved one is having issues with their memory or is disorientated. You decide to spend more time checking in with them to see what might be going on.


The symptoms are getting worse and you need to understand what’s behind them. You speak to your loved one and other family and friends about your concerns. It’s time to talk to the doctor but your loved one is hesitant or resistant.

The process to a diagnosis is long and fraught with challenges.

More regular support

You have a formal diagnosis but you’re still not sure how to take care of your loved one. Your loved is starting to exhibit difficult and sometimes abusive behaviors.

You are taking of more of your loved one’s household activities like cooking, cleaning and paying the bills.

It’s hard to find help or support. You’re increasingly worried about your loved ones safety.

Loss of independence

Your loved one can’t take care of themselves and is need of daily support. You find yourself spending a lot of your time at your loved one’s house and it’s affecting your ability to manage life and work.

Your loved one is now having difficulty swallowing and they are losing the ability to communicate. You desperately need to get in some extra help but you’re not sure where to turn for support.

Increasing demands

Your loved one is no longer able to live comfortably or safely without support.

You’re not sure how long you can keep providing that support and are resentful of the demands on your time. The efforts are putting immense pressure on your relationships with family and friends. Is it time for a nursing home?

Full time care

Your loved one needs full time care management. A nursing home feels like the only option but you feel guilty. Even with your loved one in a facility you still feel like you’re spending a lot of time caring for and supporting your loved one.

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