Compassionate companions to support your loved one

We provide a dedicated companion service to provide engagement and additional support for a loved one with memory loss.

Our companions are happy to visit your loved one at home or at a senior living facility.

All our trained companions are fluent in a wide range of engagement activities as well as identifying any causes for concern in your loved one's condition.

Each companion visit includes

  • Up to four hours of dedicated time with the companion.
  • Check-ins and relationship building with any facility staff.
  • Advocacy on behalf of your loved one for any issues the companion observes.
  • One-on-one engagement activities based on interest agreed with you and your loved one.
  • A visit report available on Lizzy Care app within six hours of the visit.

What people are saying about our Companions



“We now use a Lizzy Care companion to be our eyes and ears and be on the ground to advocate for Dad’s care. It’s been a huge relief to give Dad some regular dedicated engagement, get reliable updates on his care on the Lizzy Care app and keep the nursing home on their toes. I think even the nursing home staff are relieved and happy that the Companion comes in every week to help out.”

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