Empowering caregivers through coaching

At Lizzy Care we know first-hand that navigating caring for a loved one with dementia is sad, scary, and confusing. That’s why our coaches are there to guide you through every step of the journey.

Our experts have been there before and will help you to put in place a personalized and detailed care plan for your loved one.

Don’t do it alone! Your coach will help you make use of Lizzy Care’s incredible network of people who specialize in providing care and services to someone with dementia, whether that’s a home health aide or a home hairdresser, an MD or a music therapist.

Circumstances change! A coach is there to help you understand and respond to problems and difficulties as they develop. We support you throughout the whole journey of caregiving and work through the tough decisions together.

Caregiving can be incredibly stressful. Your coach is also there to make sure you’re also focusing on your own needs and health.

What people are saying about Coaching

“Lizzy Care gave us the exact advice we needed when we needed it. When my very accomplished father started getting confused about his appointments we knew something was up. The Lizzy Care coach brought me and my brothers together, gave us a strategy for the difficult conversations with dad and worked with us to build a concrete plan to move forward with.”


Meet a Lizzy Coach

Darryl Garrett

Darryl Garrett

Darryl knows first-hand the “ins and outs” of the caregiving journey. Darryl managed and reosurced the care of his wife who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease 13 years ago.

Darryl is a National Board-certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBHWC) and comes comes to coaching following an impressive career at the CIA, starting as an intelligence analyst/engineer and ending as a senior executive. Upon retirement, the CIA awarded him the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. During his career he worked at the White House Science Office as the Executive Assistant to the Science Advisor to the President and as a senior policy analyst.